Network Integrity via
Digital Authorization of Content


Network Integrity via Digital Authorization of Content

Building on our 2007 patent on Network Integrity via Digital Authorization (NIDA) that either killed spoofed webpages at source or warned the users regarding the integrity of such tainted pages with a visual Veracity Seal on the content page, we are constructing trust & reputation models deploying blockchain & AI to design a comprehensive solution to tackle the menace of information disorder that’s increasingly becoming a major annoyance worldwide.

Network Integrity via Digital Authorization of Content

NIDAC: A holistic approach to curb content misappropriation

Content misappropriation

A trending phenomenon Content misappropriation ranges from simple copyright infringement to more serious transgressions like fake news and deep fake videos that have become a nuisance adversely impacting the masses on a daily basis. The meteoric rise of social media and IoT infrastructure has taken information disorder to unprecedented heights since the 2016 US elections.

Shortcoming of the current Fact Check mechanisms

Hundreds of fact-checking forums have sprung up since 2016 US elections. Almost all of them, including those claiming to deploy AI are centralized and vulnerable to subjective human judgement. Since, more often than not, the information disorder is politically charged, there are opinions on both sides of the disinformation spectrum that influence the fact-finding team’s objectivity..

NIDAC: Taking a step ahead

NIDAC takes a step beyond state of the art with decentralized AI. Replacing human subjectivity with AI/blockchain algorithms, and integrating the user-interface with web browser application makes the NIDAC system completely autonomous, objective and extremely user friendly as a versatile, dynamic framework to automatically check, authenticate, validate, rate and visually display peer verified veracity seal on the user-generated content page, scanning the entire range of content misappropriation from copyright infringement to plagiarism and fake news to deepfakes.

The Future Scope

NIDAC proof-of-concept will be first demonstrated at the client/user nodes and hence, our proposal develops a prototype software platform that can run on client machine as a web browser. Company envisions implementing the NIDAC framework at the CSP or ISP nodes which can potentially kill the CSP/ISP-defined tainted content at source itself, while upholding the sanctity of citizens' right to freedom of speech as defined by the state.

How NIDAC system works

The seamless, autonomous, non-partisan and holistic solution for the entire spectrum of content misappropriation

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